Pizazz Hair And Nail Salon

Special Notice


To My Dear Clients,

I am now back to work on a part time basis. Between Karen, Lisa, Sandy, Kelly, Destiny, Marilyn, Ben and others, I have been placed under house arrest and am punished if I fail to follow my doctor's orders.  They have all pitched in and took care of as many of your needs as possible and many of you even came to the rescue and took care of the phones and the little things that it takes to keep the salon running.  Even though I am being bossed around by so many people, I still love them all !  Thanks to all of you.  I hope everyone has friends like these.

As you know, several months ago, I began to experience tremors involving my arms, hands and legs.  The tremors ranged from just an exaggerated twitch to severe, uncontrollable shaking.  They would come on without warning and would last for a few minutes or for several hours.  There appeared to be no pattern or particular stressor that triggered an episode except that the longer I was active, the more frequent and intense they would become.

To make matters worse, in the middle of this madness, I required sinus surgery and I have recovered nicely from that.

At that time my doctors recommended that I take a leave of absence until this condition was resolved.  I had to agree with them that it may be a bad idea to have sharp objects pointed at my client’s heads while experiencing an episode of tremors.  But now I have been certified as safe.


During my time off  I have had CAT scans, an MRI, Urine Tests and more Blood Tests than I knew existed.   In that vain, I  even traveled to Cleveland Clinic in April to confer with a tremor specialist.  Although the doctor's are not sure of the cause, they have brought the symptoms under control.  I will not list the number of things that are not the cause but believe me, there are a lot of terrible illnesses that I don't have.  It is mind boggling to be told that you do not have a disease that you never heard of before.

I want to assure you that this problem getting better each day and I am back at my station and I am dying to see you all. I have missed you all very much.

Karen, Lisa, Sandy, Marilyn, and Kelli will be caring for your needs during the hours I am required to rest. However, most of the time YOU WILL HAVE ME!

Please call and make an appointment, I can't wait until I see you in my chair once again.

Again let me apologize and assure you that I am back and I can’t wait to once again have my fingers in your hair!

With all my love,

Monica Rennick  

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